Lijuan McQuillan

Fine Artist in Ireland

Artist Biography

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt

If there is a line around the thoughts, Lijuan’s art will stimulate the viewers imagination by featuring subjective story-telling through the body of realistic and surrealistic works, with their aesthetic beauty, saturated colours, and the stories that unfold on their canvases.

Lijuan was born in China but living and based in Ireland. Lijuan’s life has shifted from Eastern Asian to Western European, as well as her career from health care profession to artist due to health issues several years ago. Her interests of art have grown and developed immensely since she opted to take her Bachelor Degree in Fine Art (Honours) from Technological University Dublin (TUD).

Lijuan is interested in painting’s ability to connect with day-to-day life. Her paintings bring together her diverse past experiences of living in China and her present experience of living in Ireland. Her art not only translates experiences across space and time, but also enhances her own identity, and highlights the complex relationship of Western European and Asian identities.

During her time studying in Technological University Dublin, Lijuan won the Mont Kavanagh Scholarship, an award to support and recognise talented and committed students. She graduated as the recipient of the Evan’s Graduate Award and Best Studentship Award. She is also the winner of the Agility Award of Arts Council Ireland. Lijuan’s work has been collected by the Contemporary Irish Art Society (CIAS), the International Office of TU Dublin, An Tain Arts Centre and private collectors. Lijuan has also exhibited her works in the Ireland Institute Dublin, Arklow Library, An Tain Arts Centre, the United Arts Club (UAC) and Gallery X Dublin.

Lijuan is a proud professional artist member of VAI (Visual Artists Ireland), as well as member of CIAS (Contemporary Irish Arts Society) and UAC (United Arts Club).