Lijuan McQuillan

Fine Artist in Ireland

About me

Lijuan’s work is steeped in traditional techniques with a contemporary, exploring the formal qualities of portraiture and landscape whilst offering her own unique style. Some of her pieces incorporate highly detailed realism while others are more free and expressive, exploring the highly complex world we live in.

Working with a wide range of mediums, including painting, drawing, etching, print making, photography and sculpture, Lijuan’s favorite art practice is oil painting. She make her own oil paints from best quality pigments that give her high quality and preferred consistency oil paints.

Lijuan is interested in the connection between art and day-to-day life. She brings together her past experience of growing up and living in China and her present experience of living in Ireland, Lijuan integrating her sense of culture heritage and her perspective as an outsider in another country. She collects elements from popular culture, literary references and historical imagery from both Eastern and Western society, Lijuan completed works are narrative creations that depict the merging of ancient and modern cultures particularly highlighting the cross-culture references.

Lijuan graduated from TU Dublin (Technological University Dublin) with a BA Honor degree of Fine Art. Her works has been exhibited in Temple Bar Gallery&Studio, Dublin; The Ireland Institute for Historical and Cultural Studies, Dublin; Arklow Library, Ireland.

Lijuan is a proud professional artist member of VAI (Visual Artists Ireland), as well as member of CIAS (Contemporary Irish Arts Society) and UAC (United Arts Club).

Lijuan’s works have collected by CIAS, International Affair of TU Dublin, and private collectors.